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It’s almost the end of the year. We can’t believe this year past by so fast. This year was really filled with so many beautiful business adventures, from business partners to conferences and new projects. We are going to take a little trip down the Memory lane in our Keep Up: December issue. Throughout November we talked about the world uniting once again at the COP26. The news nobody has missed is about the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow on 31 October – 12…
This year autumn started really great! We’ve been a part of one big event – WOLF congress. Time flies! We can’t believe that almost two months has passed by since we’ve been on WOLF as one of the sponsors. Also, we are so proud that we can say that our CEO Maria Dikanović Lukić was one of the panelist on the panel discussion. On WOLF 1.0 we had a chance to listen such an inspiring and motivational short speeches named Pep Talks, panel discussions and interviews. Throughout those two days,…
You already know that we are #teamgreen always and forever. So, we just wanted to take a second to remind you about all of the “green” topics we covered these last few months. Let’s start this “go green” journey. We just had to mark the big “Delivering of the European Green Deal” occasion on our feed. European Commission, on 14 July, adopted a set of proposals to make the EU’s climate, energy, transport and taxation policies fit for reducing net greenhouse gas emission by at least 55% by…
We blinked and September was gone. We can all agree that summer passed us by so fast, but we have to add that this September passed by even faster. September is always a little hectic because everybody is coming back from vacation directly to the office and the e-mail inbox is full of surprises.  Of course, we didn’t forget about the important topics throughout this summer. We talked a lot about the #teamgreen initiatives, big EU history moments, “new normal”/pandemic stuff and GDPR news.…
June was so excited and full of challenges. This month was definitely focused on “new and brave moves”. Together with the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatian Employers' Association and our USA based business partner Trans-Atlantic Market Development, Armatus Prudentia we organized live and online conference „BRING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE USA“. Everybody who was interested in expanding their business to the USA market attended the conference live at location Wespa Spaces or online via Zoom. We…
Together with the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb, Croatian Employers' Association and our USA based business partner Trans-Atlantic Market Development, Armatus Prudentia is organizing live and online conference „BRING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE USA“. Join us on June 30, 2021, starting at 11:00 am, live at location Wespa Spaces, Zavrtnica 17, Zagreb or join us online and find out how to expand your business to the USA. Registration form for live participation, as well as other important details regarding…
Somehow the whole May became “Europe only topcis”. Maybe because at the beginning of the last month we all celebrated Europe Day.

Europe Day is held on the 9th of May every year and it celebrates peace and unity in Europe.

We shared the facts how the whole EU idea has started. The date marks the anniversary of the historic 'Schuman declaration'.
  During his speech in Paris in 1950, Robert Schuman, then French foreign minister, set out his idea for a new form of…
We are so happy that we can start our monthly “Keep Up” overview with some great news again. Last month was really full of new challenges and brave moves because our team moved into new offices. We had a big countdown until “the moving day” and after that finally happened, we made a decision to give you a tour and share with you all of the details of this amazing place of work. First step is definitely introduction. We settled down at Wespa Spaces.

You have to believe us when…
It’s not a secret that we love to invest our time and resources in the knowledge and great projects. We can say that March was somehow focused on that. Throughout the whole month we talked about our the projects that we became the part of and new challenges that’re coming our way. We want to start of this overview with repeating the reasons “Why should you do business in the USA?” We and our partner Trans-Atlantic Market Development made a little presentation for everyone to see. We can list…
We can’t stop repeating this very exciting news - a new partnership with Trans-Atlantic Market Development. We already wrote one whole Keep Up just about this theme, so we’re going to do a little Keep Up inception and give you a link to our KEEP UP: NEW PARTNERSHIP – ARMATUS PRUDENTIA HAS NEW USA BASED PARTNER. The goal was to expend our services on other markets outside of the EU and we did that. So, we can say it really is a very good beginning of the year. Also, we have to take a moment…

A word about us

« Armatus Prudentia is a team of young enthusiastic and quality experts that I warmly recommend. Cooperation with Mauro and Maria on the protection of personal data and on drafting the business documents, as well as their continuous professional advice and assistance are extremely important for the civil society like ‘Sunce’. Their professional approach, depth of understanding the issue and quality of work are to be commended. In addition to their professional work, we are also proud to have them as our dear volunteers and partners. »
- Božica Križanić, Office and Project Manager at Centar za edukaciju i savjetovanje Sunce
« Armatus Prudentia is helping us with all the steps necessary for our transition (investment) from the US market to the Croatian and EU market – from conducting the initial market researches to leading us every step of the way through this transition (investment). If you are planning to expend your business to the Croatian or EU market we are highly recommending Armatus Prudentia as your partner and support. If you need more information, feel free to contact me on the following Email: »
- dr. Stela Susac – Pavic, Medical Director / CEO at HouseCalls-MD
« A team of young, professional people with experience in knowing ESI funds and the GDPR in this area. Definitely a team that easily researches and finds new, useful information. »
- Ivana Matošin, Head of Sector for Information, Education and Technical Assistance at Ministry Of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy
« Maria and Mauro are two great and highly skilled young professionals, who in addition to their premium services bring added value to their clients. Their dedication, enthusiasm and perfectionism makes Armatus Prudentia more than just an external consultant, it makes them part of our team. »
- Martiana Džepina, Managing Director at MEDILAB ONE d.o.o.
« The modern market is dynamic and demanding, and business excellence is no longer reserved just for a few companies, but goes without saying for everyone who operates on that market. Armatus Prudentia, besides expertise and experience, brings precisely this "know how" which through finesse and details makes a great difference, as well as supports the safe and peaceful business activities of the company in all situations. »
- Marko Džepina, Managing Director at MEDILAB ONE d.o.o.
« During the audit of the compliance of the ESF bodies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), I cooperated directly with Maria and Mauro in planning the audits, on meetings, on creating working papers, on reporting and on the subsequent quality control of the work carried out. The quality of the reports, respect for deadlines and professionalism are the main reasons I recommend Armatus Prudentia. For additional information, feel free to contact me. »
- Goran Zakanji, Head of Service for Audit of European Social Fund, Sector for Audit of Structural Instruments in Agency for the Audit of European Union Programmes Implementation System (ARPA)
« Three words that describe Armatus Prudentia team the best are: competent, enthusiastic and trustworthy. »
- Marko Škrablin, CEO at TVORNICA DOBRE HRANE ltd
« From the very beginning, pleasant and positive cooperation. A very professional team with special emphasis on precise and quick problem solving, as well as easy to communicate with, their availability is really commendable. They take care of their clients, which is extremely important today »
- Sanja Perić, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR for COMMON AFFAIRS DIRECTORATE at Central Finance and Contracting Agency
« Team that is always ready to go that extra mile for contentment and trust of their clients! Hard-working, trustworthy and professional. »
« Armatus Prudentia and its team brings to the market so much needed quality, skilled and detailed approach, as well as availability at any time! »
- Ivan Ante Nikolić, CEO at BLINK ltd

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