We are so happy that we can start our monthly “Keep Up” overview with some great news again. Last month was really full of new challenges and brave moves because our team moved into new offices.

We had a big countdown until “the moving day” and after that finally happened, we made a decision to give you a tour and share with you all of the details of this amazing place of work.

First step is definitely introduction.

We settled down at Wespa Spaces.

You have to believe us when we say that Wespa Spaces are perfect for everyone because they offer everything you can need or imagine for your place of work. The best part is - they didn’t forget about the pleasure either.

On three floors you can find of course - offices, meeting rooms and phone booths, but you can also find the play room or some quite place to relax. And the most sacred part of Wespa Spaces: the Papel restaurant.
At Papel you can enjoy the cup of good coffee (for all of those sleepy days) or you can grab lunch with your work colleagues. Trust us, everything on the menu is great.

We saved a few hacks and hidden spots to share with you in another Keep Up.

Also, this April we were somehow more focused on our “green talk”.

We highlighted the European Green Deal. On 25 March 2021 the Commission presented an Action Plan for the development of organic production. The Action Plan is in line with the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies.

Its overall aim is:

  • to boost the production and consumption of organic products,
  • to reach 25% of agricultural land under organic farming by 2030
  • to increase organic aquaculture significantly.


Organic production comes with a number of important benefits and consumers know exactly what they are getting thanks to the EU organic logo. The Action Plan is designed to provide the already fast growing organic sector the right tools to achieve the 25% target. It puts forward 23 actions structured around 3 axes – boosting consumption, increasing production and further improving the sustainability of the sector.

Furthermore, on April 22nd we celebrated Earth Day and we wanted to share some good news from EU.

Did you know that EU's policies and goals for the climate are some of the most advanced and ambitious in the world? Last December EU leaders agreed to cut the EU's greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, that means EU upgraded its commitment made in 2014 to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030.

The most important part is the first EU climate law!

So, we are happy to say that this April the Council and the Parliament reached an agreement – which will need to be officially adopted on the EU climate law – which will turn the EU's goal of climate neutrality by 2050 into a legal obligation.


Of course, we didn’t forget about GDPR news as well…

A complaint by a data subject was lodged to the Bavarian DPA (BayLDA) regarding the use of the MailChimp’s newsletter tool by the controller - an individual company from Germany.

The BayLDA held that the use of MailChimp by the controller and the transfer of Email addresses to the MailChimp was unlawful because:

- the controller had not examined whether, in addition to the EU SCCs (which were used), "additional measures" within the meaning of the ECJ decision "Schrems II" (ECJ, judgment of 16.7.2020, C-311/18) were necessary;
- of the indications that MailChimp may in principle be subject to data access by US intelligence services on the basis of the US legal provision FISA702 (50U.S.C. §1881) as a possible so-called Electronic Communications Service Provider (transferred Email addresses could be in danger of being accessed by US intelligence services)

A remedy procedure was concluded without any formal supervisory measures (the BayLDA did not impose a fine) since the controller announced that it had refrained from using MailChimp.


We can’t wait to see what May has prepared for us and of course we’re going to share all kind of news with you every week.

So stay tuned.

Your AP