We can’t stop repeating this very exciting news - a new partnership with Trans-Atlantic Market Development. We already wrote one whole Keep Up just about this theme, so we’re going to do a little Keep Up inception and give you a link to our KEEP UP: NEW PARTNERSHIP – ARMATUS PRUDENTIA HAS NEW USA BASED PARTNER.

The goal was to expend our services on other markets outside of the EU and we did that. So, we can say it really is a very good beginning of the year.

Also, we have to take a moment to talk about something else that is a part of our story – our new slogan! A few weeks back we presented our new logo which was a result of a dream collaboration with the amazing young artist Lea Androić. We still have to explain the meaning behind our new logo, but also how is our logo connected with our name – Armatus Prudentia. But, let us first reveal our new slogan! You can already see it on our visual – BE WISE or on the Croatian BUDI MUDAR!

Be wise and ask for our advice!
Be wise and let us help you with your work!
Be wise and have all your tasks and challenges solved promptly!
Be wise and have our support 24/7!
Be wise and choose Armatus Prudentia!
Be wise and be Armatus Prudentia!

So, just BE WISE and choose not to worry - Armatus Prudentia is here to do it all for you!

This month we didn’t have the focus only on ourselves – we talked about other EU topics.

Each year the European Commission and national consumer authorities carry out the “sweep”. “Sweep” is a set of checks carried out simultaneously on different websites to identify possible breaches of EU consumer law in a particular sector.
This year the sweep was focused on “greenwashing”, the practice by which companies are claiming to sell environmentally friendly products. The sweep analysed green online claims from various business sectors such as garments, cosmetics and household equipment. If you are interested to find the information on previous sweeps, click here:
The Commission and consumer authorities examined 344 claims (see the results on our visual).
So, what are the next steps? Well, national authorities will contact the companies concerned to point out the issues detected and to ensure that these are rectified where necessary.


Furthermore, we wrote about EDPB documents.

On 8 July 2020 the European Commission submitted to the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) a request for clarification on the consistent application of the GDPR, focussing on health research, and provided a list of concrete questions related to data processing for health related research.

On 2 February 2021 the EDPB has published its responses to the request – please find them below. These responses are attempt to take away some of the misunderstandings and misinterpretations as to the application of the GDPR to the domain of scientific health research. Nevertheless, most of these question require more time for analyses and search for the best practices, so some of the questions cannot (yet) be completely answered. Answers to those questions the EDPB will elaborate in its ‘Guidelines on processing personal data for scientific research purposes’ which is currently in preparation and due in 2021.

The last but not least, we want to take a few moments to tell you about another collaboration we have – with WOLF project.

Women of Luminous Future is a platform on which discusses the issue of the position of women in society from three aspects: women and a business world, women's relationships with each other and the relationship women-work-family.

The center of the WOLF story is a congress that will bring together ambitious, enterprising and creative people who have built successful careers with their education, experience, sacrifice and risk-taking. The focus is on “real” people who had real desires, set real goals and ultimately achieved real achievements. Through the WOLF platform, these achievements are presented in order to motivate the next person to do the same and thus create a vicious circle.

Our Maria Dikanović, co-owner of Armatus Prudentia, found herself in such a company of strong women. For WOLF, she answered several interesting questions related to her business journey that we will share with you, and now we can happily announce that we will continue to support this project.

We’ll continue to talk about this project but until then you can look for all the details on WOLF social media networks and their website:

Stay tuned & keep up with us!

Your AP