The time has come to share only the good news with you about the last month. January was really a good one for us.

We wanted to start this year with something fresh and positive, so we launched our “old but new” website at the beginning of the year. We just did a few touch ups, added some new features, and did a little rebranding.

Besides the whole reorganization of the website, we happily added a list of those who we had „A pleasure to work with“. We are so happy we can finally share our collaborations and reviews from our clients. Check them here:

As we worked on rebranding our website, we decided to share with you the story about the meaning and connection between our name, our new logo and our new slogan!

The first step was to share the story behind our new logo which was created in a dream collaboration with an amazing young artist – Lea Androić. Since, women make majority in our team – we chose to add another one. Lea finds inspiration in strong, independent and beautiful women in every size and shape and her drawings are showing just that. From the beginning we promoted equality between genders and emphasized the power of women all around the world. We fell in love with Lea’s drawings immediately, so this collab really was a perfect symbiosis.

You can already see our new logo on our website. We hope you love it as much as we do! More interesting facts about our name, our new logo and slogan will be revealed soon!

This month we didn’t talk just about Armatus Prudentia – we celebrated the Data Protection Day and covered a few interesting topics.

Member states of the Council of Europe and EU institutions every year on 28 January celebrate this day. It marks the anniversary of the Council of Europe’s Data Protection Convention, known as “Convention 108”. It was the first binding international law concerning individuals’ rights to the protection of their personal data. To mark that day properly - we participated in the International conference “Data Protection day – Digital transformation and data protection in a pandemic world” organized by the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency and the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Furthermore, we pointed out the progress in the EU-China trade relations. The cumulative EU foreign direct investment flows from the EU to China over the last 20 years have reached more than €140 billion. On 30 December 2020 the EU and China have concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). Both sides are now working towards finalising the text of the agreement, which will need to be legally reviewed and translated before it can be submitted for approval by the EU Council and the European Parliament. The CAI will create a better balance in the EU-China trade relationship. The EU has traditionally been much more open than China to foreign investment. China now commits to open up to the EU in a number of key sectors.

The EU-China CAI will:
- guarantee an unprecedented level of access to EU investors in China,
- allow EU companies to buy or establish new companies in key sectors,
- help level the playing field for EU companies in China,
- commit China to rules on state owned enterprises and transparency in subsidies.

The last but not the least topic is the European Commission’s online platform “Have Your Say”.

Did you know that you can really have your say on European Commission initiatives at key stages in the legislative process? ‘Have Your Say’ online platform invites all citizens (including businesses and non-governmental organisations) to share their views. Through the portal, individuals and organisations can give feedback on roadmaps or impact assessments of upcoming legislation. They can also take part in 12-week public consultations on initiatives under preparation or evaluations of the performance of existing EU actions. In addition, everybody has the possibility to comment on draft delegated and implementing acts. We are inviting you to check the current initiatives, view feedback, or give your own here:

Now, when we covered all the topics, we can wrap up this Keep up.

We can’t wait to share more stories and other news from February, so stay tuned.

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